Friday, 14 August 2009

Cambs Times - Wacken

Nice to see my blog makes the Cambs Times this week.

Not too disappointed with the article. The one piece of clarity that needs to be in there (and the Cambs Times didn't know this bit) is that I would have been at last month's Planning Committee if my flights hadn't been changed. I originally wanted to travel out on the Wednesday evening. I hope nobody begrudges me a holiday (in fact it is the first planning committee I have missed this year).

The self imposed quarantine was because of a sore throat - I wanted to make sure that it was only that and nothing worse (which it was).

They also don't do Wacken justice, it is a great festival. I could write for hours about its uniqueness and how it would never happen that way in Britain - but I'm sure you have better things to do.

1 comment:

  1. Of course I knew about your change of flight, Martin, and no criticism of you was ever or has ever been implied.
    However the point the Cambs Times will continue to make (watch this space) is that the most recent planning committee was a shambles: you can read this week the fruits of my research into what went wrong, how it went wrong, and my predictions as to how it may be put right. However the phrase horse, stable, bolted, looms large in my thinking.
    Got to dash - your prolific outpourings on keeping fit have just prompted me to renew my gym membership!!