Sunday, 3 October 2010

Ending the Culture of Benefit Dependency

Iain Duncan Smith has a record of commitment to Social Justice second to none in British politics today.  He was a man who put ideology first when he left the leadership of the Conservative Party and set up the Centre for Social Justice and did a massive amount of work to get the Conservative Party to understand issues of social justice and deprivation.  That is why he is exactly the right man to lead welfare reform in Government.

Welfare reform is also one of the most important issues we face - not just because of cost but because the lack of a working culture in some communities and families causes huge damage to an economy we need to get thriving again.  It also matters to many of the people in those communities.   When I stood for Parliament in Nottingham North it was one of three major issues that were raised time and time again at our regular stall on Bulwell Market. (If you want to know the other two were  teenage pregnancy and its impact on housing and immigration).

What is important to me is not just that IDS will deal with the issue, but that he will deal with it compassionately and with his deep understanding and commitment to the people in our society who need help most.. What seems to be coming out of the media today reinforces that.

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