Thursday, 23 December 2010

Personality clashes in politics shock!

It amazes me the fuss that is being made of the fact that certain Lib Dems in Government don't like certain Conservative Ministers.  Shall I let you into a secret?  There are some Conservatives in Government who also don't like certain Conservative Ministers.  It is the nature of politics, healthy debates happens when there is a conflict of ideology, different interpretations of events and different perspectives; the debate and disagreement that comes from this is a healthy part of the system.   Within a Cabinet, accepting that these disagreements and dislikes happen and accepting that, as long as you have had your say and have contributed to the debate, means that you should abide by the principles of collective decision-making and collective responsibility.  It is an integral part of being effective in a position of political power.  This is as true of Cabinet systems at local level as as it is Nationally.  There is not a single Cabinet worth its salt that does not have strong debate at its heart.

What is at issue with the latest revelations from Lib Dem Ministers is the damage caused by the total lack of respect for collective responsibility.  The indiscretions which are, in part, about securing personal standings at a time when Ministers are faced with tough decisions because of the failings of the previous Government, actually does those individuals more damage in the long term IMHO.

What fascinates me even more is is these indiscretions come from senior members of a political party that has tried to further its own ends by claiming that our system would be better if it was largely led by coalition Governments (because that IS the only outcome of election through proportional representation) and yet seems to be hell bent on proving that they do not have the will or the ability to work within a coalition.

The Lib Dems need to grow up fast.

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