Saturday, 15 October 2011

Liam Fox resignation

As soon as it became clear that xxx Werrity was being funded by business to be an advisor to Liam Fox (if that is what he was?!), it was clear that Liam Fox would have to resign.  I have no issue with that.

However, it still disgusts me that the press rounded on Liam Fox and left Chris Huhne alone.

I also think this is yet another reminder that the way senior politicians use political advisors needs a rethink.  We need a move back to making better use of the voices of wisdom that exist within elected politics - i.e. using MPs with appropriate experience or time in office.

Political advisors distort politics and create a separation from the Government and the backbench MPs that are supposed to support them, less of them and better use of backbenchers would be a good thing.

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