Sunday, 20 November 2011

Humour in times of trouble

Well now we all have running water and can reasonably go to the toilet, I thought I would comment on Sunday in Whittlesey.
Actually - it was a pain in the neck, and it does force to remind you how reliant we are on simple things like running water.  I normally do a long run on Sundays and had to cancel because I really couldn't force those I love to suffer me after 11miles and no shower!

Twitter and Facebook come into their own with incidents like this - great for passing out information, but also a place for gallows humour.  Here are a few examples of the Tweets that made me smile:

  • Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. Lol jks they lived in Whittlesey. 
  • Guinness world record attempt TMO. Biggest ever communal bath. Manor Leisure Centre. (This was mine!!)
  • 11 hours without water in Whitltesey and it still smells better than XXXX (the XXXX represents an area in Peterborough - location deleted so as not to cause offence).
  • I hear bob geldof and midge ure are heading to Whittlesey as we speak

When it comes down to it, we suffered a while without water.  It all got sorted, we all got washed, shaved and ate and, for most, it was just an inconvenience.  Yes there are questions to be asked about Anglian Water and the advice they gave out, but nothing seriousand they did work through the night to get it sorted.

It seems everyone is entitled to a £20 rebate from Anglian Water as a result of the water outage. The link to their code of conduct is here. Let's use it for a good cause - can I suggest we all claim what is due to us and donate it to Water Aid and help people that really, really do need water - where the issue is one of life or death rather than just inconvenience.




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