Wednesday 28 October 2009

Ofsted Report on Safeguarding and Looked After Children

The Ofsted Report on Looked After Children and Safeguarding was published last Friday.

This followed a two week inspection of our services.   The report can be found here.

I could go on for ages about the report, but my comments are out in the public domain anyway, so you are just as well reading my views on the BBC website.

Monday 19 October 2009

Visit to New Road and Whittlesey Locality Team

On Friday I had the privilege of visiting New Road School.  It is not in my County Council Division, but I asked to visit anyway.  I'm glad I did it, it is was really useful to talk about education from a Whittlesey perspective, but also to ssee the confident young people that were in their classrooms.   you always know you're on to a winner when the children are coming up to you in the classroom and showing off their work and it happened a couple of times with me in New Road School.

After I had been their I popped in to have a chat with the locality team in Whittlesey, who are located in the same building and also to have a bit of a nose around our Children's Centre.  It was a good chance to chat over a cup of tea and see how things are going.  The one thing I am always impressed with in our locality teams is commitment to their areas, and this is definitely true of the Whittlesey team.