Sunday, 9 May 2010

Hypocrisy of Cambridgeshire Lib Dems

Today we are in a unique position Nationally.  I am deeply uncomfortable with the idea of negotiating with the Liberal Democrats.  However, Democracy has spoken and, in this instance, it has said that the Nation demands a different style of Government (not a different style of voting system) and I accept that and accept the negotiations that are taking place.

If they are consistent, this press release from the Liberal Democrats in Cambridgeshire suggests that they do not want any form of negotiation Nationally.  Because, of course, any negotiations whether they are between the Lib Dems and Labour (however awful that sounds) or Lib Dems and the Conservatives, involve negotiations behind closed doors - which is exactly what they are criticising us for in the County (albeit with a strong element of exaggeration).   I look forward to the Lib Dems in Cambridgeshire complaining about the National negotiations that are happening behind closed doors.

Now let's set the issue straight.  The Lib Dems claim a crisis in Primary School places.  Well, 94% of our parents will send their child to the school that their parents selected as their first choice when they start primary school in September - crisis what crisis?

And the PDGs that they mention, well they are, of course, open to Lib Dem members to attend. They are initial policy discussions - the final decisions will be made publicly, but these meetings allow informal discussions and challenge to allow for clarification and support the relevant Cabinet Member and the Cabinet when a final decision is made.

I repeat, if the Lib Dems oppose the principle of PDGs because of confidentiality, then they must also be opposed to what their own leader is doing Nationally in meeting behind closed doors with both David Cameron and Gordon Brown.  I look forward to their clarification.

I am afraid this is Cambridgeshire Lib Dems at their worst.  Taking the line of most political advantage, whatever the rights and wrongs.


  1. Actually - I DO expect them to be complaining about the deal in person.

    Interesting times.

  2. It's not about the deal necessarily, but the fact that very secret negotiations took place to make the deal happen - negotiations with us and with the Labour Party.

    I am sure some of them are uneasy about the deal, as are a number of Conservatives. However, the electorate have spoken and politics has responded - actually in quite a positive way.