Wednesday 9 June 2010

Olympic - Open Weekend 23-25th July

"Olympics Champion" is a strange title, but it is one of the roles I hold on the County Council.  Basically it means I take a political overview of all things Olympic in the County and also sit on the Nations and Regions East Board which does the same thing for the Eastern Region.

We had our Board meeting yesterday and it served as a reminder to plug the Open Weekend which is happening on 23-25th July.  It is a weekend of opening up activities and events to the public.  Cambridgeshire has got quite a decent list of events, which I can't find online yet - but I know leaflets are being printed as we speak and I will provide a link when I get one.

What I do know is that a number of events are planned in both Whittlesey and Fenland.

Is that vague enough for you?

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