Friday, 19 November 2010

Whittlesey Market Square - What to do?

Recently the Town Council has been mulling over whether to try and do something different with the market square.

With a new bistro opening and The George thriving, there is the potential to do something really different; allowing tables and chairs to spill out onto the square to create something of a continental feel.  With a bit of imagination I am sure there are all sorts of things this could lead to.

The biggest barrier is, of course, that this is an important bus stop.  So if we were to make these changes, we would need to find an alternative place for buses, preferably one where we could provide shelter for passengers
while they are waiting.

No decisions have been made about this yet, we have had some initial chats and thrown around some ideas, but nothing more.  So now is the time to throw things out in the open so people can tell me what they think of the idea, give me ideas about what we could do with buses and to give me any other thoughts.

I can be contacted here.


  1. Please think of the passengers waiting in the freezing cold. Not £15,000 european bus shelter as in Peterboro outside Woolworths Pound Shop. On Fridays bus goes down the side of the bank, any chance of this being enhanced - bus shelter each side.Out of the wind there. Coffee stall?

  2. Stalls/open air cafes, just something to boost the whole appearance. Buses can move elsewhere surely? Slightly selfish I guess as a car driver!

  3. As long as the new bus stop was easily accessible to all the community. The current location is a nice large open space. Some less able people in the community may find a more enclossed bus shelter with less space without seats, harder to use(like where the busses stop on fridays during the market). As long as everyone in the community is considered in the moving of the bus stop it sounds like a great idea.

  4. Think this is an excellent idea. At present the Market square is greatly undervalued. It has many beautiful and historic buildings and with a little imagination could be 'the jewel in the crown' of Whittlesey. How about bigger, better floral displays, small trees etc. Perhaps the buses could stop along Queens street as they do on Fridays. I am sure an improved Market square would attract more visitors and shoppers to the town.