Thursday, 23 February 2012

How independent was he?

The Lib Dems chose not to oppose Mark Archer at last year's Fenland elections to give him a free run as an independent against the Conservative candidate. He ran a campaign where he described himself as "fiercely independent" and after the election thanked the residents of Manea and described them as "independently minded".

A short year after being given a free ride by the Lib Dems, he has chosen to join a new political group- at Fenland called "the Lib Dem Alliance". The residents of Manea have every right to question whether they were conned a year ago.

During last year's elections I wrote a blog about the dangers of voting independent which was used by the Cambs Times.  That article concluded with the comment:
"So, my message is this - unless you really, really know what you are voting for and who you are voting for, be very cautious about voting independent; independence may not offer the benefits you think it does."
I think my views back then have been somewhat vindicated.


  1. I believe the residents of Manea should now be given the opportunity to vote again!!

  2. We should
    Leaflet/ Pole Manea and tell the people what he has done ask them do they want him to stand down, by doing so could help County Elections next year as I understand that he is going for the seat.

  3. Fiercely independent? Or fiercely hypocritical?

    I don't know why anybody is surprised. This is Mark Archer all over.