Friday, 7 December 2012

B1040 - Wash Road latest

I know many people are speculating about when the B1040 might re-open and, more importantly, will be concerned by the state of the road.

So I thought I would cut and paste what our Highways Officers have said today about it:

At present the waters are receding, however it is anticipated that water levels will not drop sufficiently until middle of next week to enable the road to be inspected and repairs carried out prior to re-opening - providing we have no more rainfall.

We anticipate from experience some carriageway repairs will be required ( potholes etc ) and that we will require lorries / JCB etc and road sweeper to clear the debris. I anticipate this will take 1 day ( perhaps more depending on the works required the extent of which are currently not known ).
Whilst I would prefer it to be open immediately it is clear, I suspect that one day is better than how it might look, so I think it's important to put this out there.  However, it is also worth warning that things could be worse after the road has been re-examined and it might take longer.


  1. When is Whittlesey and surrounding villages going to get a bypass, when the wash road is closed trying to get home from peterborough after work is an absolute nightmare, the roundabout at Cardea is a disgrace, there should have been a slip road by the new Morrisons so that traffic proceeding to Pondersbridge could have turned off there, the way it is at the moment is stupid,whoever passed the planning for this did not forsee all the problems that this has created,And as far as the railway crossing goes,well don't even get me started! With additional housing being proposed for the Whittlesey area this problem can only get worse, We need a bypass NOW!!!!!!!!!Please start campaigning for one, we need one now, not in 20 or 30 years time

  2. Thanks for this. When the minutes for the last Cabinet meeting are published I will be blogging about them. You will see there some information about the Market Town Transport strategy as well as, I hope, my comments made at the meeting and they will show that we are already working very hard to deliver both of these and certainly on the railway crossing issue, we are making progress - it's still a way off, but we are making progress.


    This is showing no flooding warning in place so I preceded to go to work via the 1040 this morning and its still closed !

    is there a website i can go to which gives accurate news on road closures ?

  4. I have noticed that the flooding seems to be much worse since the flood defences in Nrthampton were put into place. But I also noticed that the last flood did not see any increase in water levels in Rutland water, which should have taken some of the excess.

    I am this time seeing Anglian Water adding 1,000s of gallons of water from Hampton into the river via the sewerage works at Flag Fen.

    While I would not see homes flooded just to allow us access to a road, those responsible for poor planning and drainage elsewhere should pay for the effects on us.

    I would want to see better road infrastructure from the A1 to Whittlesey trading estates but am realistic enough to know that will not happen any time soon, but we should campaign for a bridge at Kings Dyke, given the increased liklihood of flooding, and the increase to rail goods traffic that is already happening.