Saturday 26 January 2013

Progress on our relationship with the EU

I thought David Cameron's speech earlier this week where he made a pledge for an In/Out referendum on our EU membership was a good one.  It has come a few years too late - but at last we seem to be moving in the right direction.

It fascinates me the way that the National media described the Conservative Party as divided on the EU.  Actually the vast majority of Conservative Party members are, like me, Eurosceptic. The only division is the extent of that scepticism.

My personal view about Europe is that I would like to see an end to the whole EU political structure and see us return to what we agreed to join back in the early 70s - but if that can't be achieved then we must get out.  My hope is that the In/Out referendum will force the EU into change and that we will end up with a choice of staying IN a reformed and less controlling EU or to get OUT.  I genuinely don't know how I would vote, except that if we don't get close to the 1970s model I would vote to get out - aside from that I would want to see the final model.

My only concern about David Cameron's speech was that he dodged the question about what he would campaign for if Europe refused to change - he should have said he would campaign to get out, it would have given some extra impetus to the EU to get on with reform.

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