Thursday 28 February 2013

County Council commits to deliver a bridge over Kings Dyke

The news has been released today that, subject to Cabinet approval, Cambridgeshire County Council are committing to build a bridge over Kings Dyke crossing, setting a timescale of three years for its completion.

This is a huge step forwards for Whittlesey and I want to publicly thank the Leader of the County Council, Nick Clarke and my Cabinet colleagues as well as county officers for recognising what Whittlesey people have known for some time, that building this bridge is "common sense".

I know many will say we won't believe it until we see it.  I agree, and I will do everything I can to make sure that this commitment turns to delivery, including making sure that Network Rail play ball and contribute.

One of the benefits Whittlesey has is a team of Conservative Councillors who work well as a team for Whittlesey, and I am sure that their efforts and the more visible public support we have had over recent months has proven important, as has the support of our excellent MP, Stephen Barclay.

One of the first tweets from an opposition Councillor about this great news was a cynical comment about looming elections.  That sort of cynicism frustrates me, any sensible analysis of the facts will show that this announcement is a natural extension to infrastructure development that the County Council have already committed to, it sits naturally alongside commitments to the A14, Ely Southern bypass and Cambridge Science Park Station as part of a programme of gearing the County up for the future. This sends a very positive message to anywhere that has an infrastructure need that, with the right sort of partnership approach, if the case stacks up and the finances are available the County Council will deliver.

So, will I take credit for this? Absolutely, I have never stopped lobbying for this bridge since I became a County Councillor, and the same is true of my fellow County Councillor, Ralph Butcher. I know that we have done a huge amount to raise awareness of the Kings Dyke problem, but it is also true that we have had excellent support from others - and they deserve credit too.

However, I repeat, this is a huge step forwards, but it isn't built yet, so I will not lose focus.


  1. I wonder what will come first a bridge or a Sainsbury

  2. The common sense approach gets there in the end. Would a bridge at Kings Delph aid any movement towards building the warehouse development at Park Farm?

  3. Martin
    The Bridge across your railway crossing is a credit to you.The most important bridge to build is that between people.
    You have been chastised for doing so by those with greed and ego in their hearts.
    There is a greater power than greed and corruption it is called the Truth.
    Continue to seek it, I will be by your side and thus ensure success.

  4. 3 years is a long time when you are stuck at the gates and late for work on a Monday morning but if we do get it it will be brilliant for Whittlesey. Thanks to all concerned. So far so good!