Sunday 16 June 2013

Passing of Mick the Big Issue Seller

I received this today and thought I would pass it on:

"Hello Martin
You may not be aware but sadly our local big issue seller Mick passed away earlier this year. He was only in his early fifties and it shows how tough life can be selling the magazine in all weathers. We dont have a local seller at the moment so I have set up a just giving page – I thought people who used to buy from Mick could make a small donation instead to give others in his situation a hand up -  The page is :-
Mick was a nice guy - He was always polite and worked whatever the weather – he liked music and would chat to people and look after their dogs when they went in the shops – he was very stoic about his own situation. He had been a Big Issue vendor on and off since 1998 and had been selling in Whittlesey since February 2009. I believe he died of pneumonia. His service was held on Monday 20th May at Peterborough Crematorium.
If you can pass this on to anyone local who may wish to donate that will be appreciated. He did run a local business for 4 years."

I chatted to Mick a couple of times and he was a decent bloke - this is a really nice way of remembering him.

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