Thursday, 18 July 2013

Fenland Businessman on the A14 Upgrade

This is a quote from a Whittlesey businessman about the A14 which sets out his view on the need for an upgrade? He agreed that I could publish it as long as it was anonymised.

"...the A14 is our only route to the South and South East where the major ports are. Most of our work in the (industry type here) is accessed off the A14.

... we came out of the (name of type of industry deleted) as we couldn't cope with the delays and effects roads like the A14 has on us. You've only got to ask (another company name deleted) for their thoughts on the A14 as they're running a fleet of vehicles on it every day.

I spend a lot of time on foreign motorways and England is slacking. All our current 3 lane motorways should be 4, and all our major A roads (A605, A47 etc) should be at least dual carriage way, except the A14, this really should be 4 lanes all the way to the M11 and continuing to the M25.

People forget that goods need to be moved around, and an efficient road system is vital for a solid economy. No wonder we've lost the edge on export of manufactured goods as we can't get the merchandise to the ports, you wouldn't believe we were the leaders in the industrial revolution. I think we spent too much time putting in other countries infrastructure and forgot about our own.

I spend a lot of time stuck on the A14, I therefore believe I am suitably qualified to state that the A14 is one of the worst roads around and major investment is long overdue."





Don't need to say any more.

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