Friday 15 November 2013

Sir Rhodes Boyson in a Onesie

I have a very strong view that whatever you do in life you must be allowed to keep a sense of fun and to never be afraid of laughing at yourself. I also believe that in any public role you should use your role to support good causes.
Today was an example of that all rolled up in one. This month I have been taking partin Movember. A cause that involves growing a moustache for charity and highlighting some mens health issues. Not wanting to do things by half, I have been trying to grow something that looks a bit like one of my rock heroes, Lemmy.

Councillor Martin Curtis

Yesterday, I was told it looks a bit like Sir Rhodes Boyson. Not sure I see it myself, but I'll take that.
Today, having heard that BBC Radio Cambridgeshire were having a "Onesie" party for their Children in Need show, I thought I would give them a surprise. So I turned up, armed with my hairy face, cookies, and a KISS onesie .
Batman with some bloke

We had a great fun time for the few minutes, I was there, alongside a serious chat about poverty. It also ended up with a commitment from me to donate £30 to Children in Need to avoid having to wear my onesie to an Eastern Region Local Government Association meeting today (which I have done).
The BBC do a great job with Children in Need, so I hope my surprise gave them a bit of a smile. I am very grateful to the producer and to Paul Stainton for fitting me into what was already a tight schedule.
Anyway, if the site of my mutton chops and the pleasure of seeing me in a onesie is not enough to force you to open your wallets and either donate to Children in Need, or to my Movember page (or even both), there is no hope.

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