Monday, 16 December 2013

Topographical Survey - Kings Dyke Crossing

As I have siad to many people, work to deliver a bridge over Kings Dyke Crossing is progressing.  As part of this work a topographical survey is to take place at the end of this week - it should not cause disruption and there are no road closures as part of it, but you will see people round and about the area.  Here is the text of the letter that has been sent to interested parties:

"The County Council is investigating potential solutions to the congestion on the A605 at King’s Dyke caused when the level crossing is in operation. To allow a full and proper evaluation of the various design options, the project team is starting the process of gathering information.

We will require a topographic survey of the area and I attach a formal entry notice to allow this to take place. The survey team will not require entry into any building, as this is a non invasive survey recording locations and levels of buildings, walls, trees etc. 

I would like to stress that we are at very early stages of the project and no line or footprint exists yet for the options under consideration.

I anticipate further survey such as ecological and archaeological will also be required in the spring time. Should this include land under your control, a further entry notice will be issued.

We will be carrying out a full public consultation once we have decided on the best possible solutions.."

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