Thursday 22 May 2014

UPDATE: Sainsbury Gets Final Approval?

UPDATE:  I have now had it confirmed from the team that led for Sainsbury on the planning side of the development that this is correct and that the judge has rejected the possible judicial review.

The words "totally without merit" were used.  He also ordered Harrier to pay Fenland District Council's legal costs.

Technically, Harrier/Tesco have the right to take this latest decision to the Court of Appeal.  However, given the strength of the judge's words (and the awarding of costs) I would put money on this not happening.


If what I am hearing this morning is right, it seems that the judge has dismissed the potential judicial review against the Sainsbury application on the grounds that it is without merit (or something similar).

I will update when I have this formally confirmed, but, if true, this is the final step - it means that there is nothing to stop Sainsbury and their team getting on and building our supermarket and our country park.

From a personal perspective - I am absolutely delighted with this. It has always been clear to me that Sainsbury had the best planning offer, provided the best scheme for Whittlesey and had local popular support.  Common sense has won the day.  More importantly, the majority view of local residents has won through.

My insides are doing a little jig this morning.


  1. That is great news. Its about time the law saw off Harrier and Tesco.

  2. yes indeed, we can now have another shop that charges over inflated prices along with the co op