Sunday 28 February 2010

I predict a flood

I noticed a severe weather warning had been issued today for the North Bank and I have just run to Peterborugh and back along the embankment and it is looking like it is as close to flooding as it could be.

I know what a pain in the neck the trip to Peterborough can be when the North Bank is closed - and I have asked for a Highways Officer to come out and take a look for himself to see the problem first hand - but please, please obey the signs.  Taking a chance risks all sorts of tough outcomes.  It may be that your car would get through (but it may not), but how would you feel if someone followed you through and got stuck?

1 comment:

  1. More people need to take notice of the signs. Too often do we see people ignoring the cones and "ROAD CLOSED" signs in the middle of the road when both the B1040 and the North Bank flood.
    Take it from someone who's near enough stranded every time they both flood - it's a lot more deadly than it looks!