Monday 12 April 2010

Larkfleet - Drybread Road access is for emergency only

Larkfleet Homes are saying that the proposed access to Drybread Road off their development is there for emergency use only.  It is an incredible piece of spin.   I do not believe there is any way that a condition allowing that road to be used for emergencies is enforceable not is there a condition that could allow that to happen.

It is an access on to Drybread Road - nothing more nothing less.

1 comment:

  1. Rubbish! they will use it daily! that road is bad enough as it is, this has to be stopped... we don't need any more traffic on that road and this development is not wanted in Whittlesey! it's bad enough having to wait for doctors appointments and trying to find parking as it is without an additional 1000+ residents... this was a nice quiet village, we want it to remain like that - this town cannot cope with large housing estates like that. If this is about housing shortage the council should review their current tennants - we have a house at the corner of our road occupied by 1 lady who only comes to it once a week to pick up her post - she's there for 5min a week - this is a 3 bed house with one woman living there - disgraceful!! no wonder there is no housing available!