Sunday 18 April 2010

Network Service Plan - Scheduled Road Improvements in Whittlesey

The Network Service Plan for Cambridgeshire dropped through my door on Friday.  It is the document that shows the highways maintenance due to be carried out in Whittlesey in the coming financial year.  Whittlesey has a number of areas included:
  • Almost the entire A605 due to be resurfaced
  • The Birds, Station Road, Low Cross and Windmill street due to be surface dressed
  • Low Cross, Windmill Street, Priors Road, Park Road (presumably Park Lane!!!) also to be resurfaced.
The timescales for this suggest that all the work should be completed by the end of the 2nd Quarter (October).

Myself and fellow County Councillor Ralph Butcher have raised the need for this sort of work in Whittlesey on numerous occasions and the Town Council has also played its part in lobbying - I think this suggests that our efforts have had an effect.

Now tell me what you think should be included in the 2011 plan.


  1. Good news re the A605, long overdue.

  2. Rename the A605 to Gene Simmons Way.