Thursday, 7 October 2010

Civil Parking Enforcement Call-In

This morning's call-in of the Cabinet decision over Civil Parking Enforcement decision (which is inextricably linked to car parking charges) was interesting.  It was a pretty lively address and I think the outcome was pretty much that there were different understandings of what the decision meant and therefore that it should be referred back to Fenland's Cabinet meeting for review.  This should provide better clarity.  From a Whittlesey perspective, I asked specifically that better clarity be provided for the decision to include Whittlesey and Chatteris as a last minute amendment.

Another part of my contribution was to suggest a possible alternative to car parking charges, which could give  Fenland the opportunity to create income from growth in business rates as an alternative approach to dealing with some of the parking issues - an idea that is potentially a much more positive way forward than car parking charges.

Thanks to everyone that contacted me - I was able to use a number of the points raised in the debate.

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