Friday, 8 October 2010

Joint Area Committee - Yellow Lines and Bypasses

I went to the Joint Area Committee meeting this afternoon.   Before you start furiously clicking to get away from this page - let me tell you why it's important.

JAC brings together Fenland and County Councillors to discuss various Highways matters.  Two important issues were raised today, of very contrasting scales.  The first was a petition requesting support for a set of double yellow lines to prevent parking on the junction along Stonald Road near Sudbury Court.  It is a relatively low cost item, but we agreed to take it away and see whether a deal can be done to find some funding - no guarantees, but we will try.  The petition was supported by a resident of Sudbury Court and by the appropriate District Councillor for the Ward, Councillor Kay Mayor.

The second item was to bring forward proposals for a Market Towns Strategy for Whittlesey - which is a much needed piece of work which will develop an overarching roads strategy for the Town.  Included in this will be considerations for a bypass - ideas for which are currently being worked out.   In fact the only bit of the whole report that I expressed concern about was this phrase:

"Initial desktop study work looking at Whittlesey traffic issues and the scope, impact and costs/viability of a bypass has commenced"

What I commented about was the word viability - I asked for it to be replaced by "possibilities" because I don't want "no" to be part of the solution.

I have been a Councillor in Whittlesey for over ten years and this is the first time I have known any sort of firm plans to be brought forwards - that is testament to the amount of work local Town, District and County Councillors have done to push this issue.  Indeed, I was supported today by fellow County Councillor Ralph Butcher (who also supported the Sudbury Court petition).

This is still going to take time - but at least we can see progress being made.


  1. The sooner the word 'overarching' is banned by councillors and council officials the better. Indeed I shall vote for the first party that pledges to outlaw the wretched word.

  2. Interesting and I probably should not take the bait but (taken from

    "encompassing or overshadowing everything: The community's overarching needs are more Jobs and better housing."

    Seems an entirely appropriate way of putting the intent across. I am not the LGA, I don't get hung up too much on words and I am quite proud to have used one off their banned list:

  3. How many apologies can Cllr Martin Curtis possibly make in just one week ?

    So far he’s said ‘sorry’ for the Wisbech adventure playground fiasco, but not yet publicly apologised for his key role in the failed coup against Fenland District Council leader Alan Melton, and as a board member he’s attempted to defended Rodden’s reneging on their promises.

    Cllr Curtis is County Council portfolio holder for young people. Anyone who has read the recent report on Educational deprivation in Fenland will conclude that this damning report is ‘one apology too far’ for even Cllr Curtis. “A great deal has been done by partners to improve the attainment levels of children in Fenland Schools ....... however they are still falling behind both National and regional standards”

    Do the honourable thing Martin, resign.

  4. Educational achievement in Fenland is on the up and is catching up. To suggest otherwise is either ignorant or irresponsible.

    I apologised for what residents have had to suffer. The people who take responsibility are the perpetrators of the problems and their parents.

    I could now comment on the many other innaccuracies in your brave anonymous comment. But, quite frankly, I have far more important things to do.