Sunday 15 May 2011

About that Caricature

I have always sort of wanted a caaricature of myself.  I have mulled over using one on my website and in letterheads for a few years.  My own view about a good charicature is that it says more about your personality than a photo ever can.

So I bit the bullet and got friend and fellow KISS fan (and talented spray paint artist) Nick Smith, to do one for me. I love it - I think it captures me really well, So, I am now thinking of doing a redesign of my website so it gets featured.

A few friends of mine have seen it and have commented quite positively - including one who suggested the horns are missing!!  

Just a final big up for Nick.  I am a big fan. I have a couple of his spray paint t-shirts, including the Gene Simmons one you can see him painting here.  Nick's website is here.

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