Tuesday 24 May 2011

New Leader of Cambridgeshire Liberal Democrats

Never let it be said that Cambridgeshrie Liberal Democrats stand united.   Their current Leader, Fiona Whelan is stepping down on June 19th, which means, I beleive, they are now embarking on their 3rd leader in a little over 3 years.

My congratulations to Killian Bourke who is the new leader elect.  He has set his stall out early with the following quote:
"I look forward to continuing the group’s role as a powerful and effective opposition, challenging decisions made by the Conservative administration"
Maybe the first thing he ought to learn is that effective opposition is not just about "challenging decisions" - it is about challenging where things are wrong and supporting where they are right.  The quote just about sums up the Lib Dem approach; they think effective opposition means opposing everything - because they think that is the line of maximum political advantage.

Seriously, I wish Killian well.

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