Sunday, 9 October 2011

Dr Liam Fox vs. Chris Huhne

I am not an apologist for Dr Liam Fox - I am not sure his behaviour is that you would expect of a Defence Secretary when you consider the security implications.

However, at the same time as he was exposed for having someone as an unpaid employee with access to the MoD, Chris Huhne MP has also, apparently, admitted trying to slur Theresa May privately to journalists The Guardian - surprise, surprise).  But, furthermore, it seems he may have lied about it.

In my view it is the sort of conduct that Chris Huhne has admitted guilt to that is destroying trust in politics - it feeds journalists in the Westminster bubble with bile and gossip that makes twant more, it contributes to our political system becoming distant and remote from the people it serves.  In my opinion, Chris Huhne has proven himself far less worthy of holding political office than Dr Liam Fox.  However, I cannot see there being a campaign against Chris Huhne - the press love the vile politicians that like to sneak and brief their way to the top - they are the ones that create their headlines, irrespective of morality.

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