Sunday 23 October 2011

Parking Outside Alderman Jacobs School

Since the decision to give planning permission for 460 houses on Bassenhally Farm with one of the accesses coming off Drybread Road (which I opposed), I have been working hard to try and get some thinking about how to improve the horrendous parking problem outside Alderman Jacobs School - which I believe will get worse with the new development.  This has involved lobbying and working with Fenland District Council and the County Council (don't tell me there is no benefit to being a dual-hatted Councillor).

This week I have at last heard that there is a recognition that I have a point and some work is going to be done to investigate ways to improve it.  One of the options being considered is extending the dropping off zone just outside the school.

I don't think this will solve the problem, but I hope it will deliver improvements, at the very least it should stop things getting worse.  There isn't any more to say at the moment, but rest assured I will try and update on progress when there is something to report.

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