Tuesday 15 May 2012

Africa Peer Review

I found out late last week that I have been selected to do a Peer Review Project in Namibia for five days in the middle of next month.  The aim is to do some work developing local government in the area.  There are five similar projects taking place in Africa over the next few months, and I was one of only five Councillors Nationwide to be selected.

I consider it to be a privilege to be asked to do this.  I hope I have enough experience to offer something to the area I am travelling to, but also because I thoroughly enjoy learning and I am sure I will pick up some ideas that can help me in my own role as a Councillor. I am becoming increasingly experienced in Peer Review having spent some time in similar such projects over recent years in local Councils in England.  This is an extension of this, but one that adds an international dimension.

In short, it is a great opportunity for me - but one that I hope offers a real win-win.  Helping Namibian local Government (in particular in Otjiwarongo the area I am going to) but developing my own knowledge at the same time.

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