Thursday, 31 May 2012

CPSN Launch at Sir Harry Smith CC and other things

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of the Cambridge Public Service Network today.  This is a real success story of the County, driving down cost by working with Virgin Media and others on broadband infrastructure for schools and other public sector organisations around the County (and indeed beyond).  A video about the project is here:

I was pleased they chose Sir Harry Smtih CC to do the launch - it is always good to see Senior Officers and members from Fenland and Cambridgeshire visiting Whittlesey.  The county's Leader, Cllr Nick Clarke and I used the opportunity to go on a short drive to show him some of the reasons why the Town would benefit from a bypass, in particular we went down Inhams Road, Station Road and over the railway crossing. He saw the crossing gates closing on Station Road and I would mischievously like to say that I hope he was also caught by Kings Dyke crossing on his way back to Shire Hall!!

On another note, this was sent out today as a press release from Shire Hall.  At a time when much of the public sector debate is around austerity and cuts,we need to remember to celebrate excellence in our services and our staff. (The website that the press release is on is a new creation from Cambridgeshire Conservatives aiming to improve our web presence and our communication with the public).

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