Friday, 3 May 2013

A Word of Thanks

This is the first of a series of blog posts I will write about the electon results, this first one is largely about what it should be about: the fabulous people of Whittlesey who I represent.

My result today was:

Curtis (Conservative):                     1151 (55%)
Gale (Labour):                                 260   (12.5%)
Goldspink (English Democrats):     48.    (2.3%)
Redding (UKIP):                             611   (29.3%)

This was on a 33.7% turnout, the highest in the Fenland area.

Firstly, I want to say congratulations to everyone who stood.  Whether a paper candidate or not, putting your name on a ballot paper is never easy and I admire anyone that does so.

I have very mixed feelings about today, but in terms of my own situation I am very humbled by the result. There have been huge swings to UKIP elsewhere, so to maintain 55% of the vote is a great achievement.  That the voters of Whittlesey North have maintained their support in me is something that means a huge amount.

A factor in my result (especially when considered alongside Ralph Butcher's success in Whittlesey South) is that Whittlesey is lucky to have a great bunch of Conservative Councillors and I thank them for their support, as I do the volunteers who helped me deliver leaflets and who helped on Election Day yesterday.

The biggest thanks go to my good lady who reinforced her reputation as both a fabulous wife and a leaflet delivering machine.

The second comment is that one of the reasons I have won is because I have listened to residents and stood up for them. Those that fought against that, punished me for it, or challenged me for doing so need to sit up and take notice about what engaging, communicating politics means to the people that politicians serve.  My aim is to learn lessons from my result and find new and even better ways of doing what I am already trying to do.

My final comment is to repeat the thanks to everyone who supported me and to remind you That I am here to serve the whole of Whittlesey North, irrespective of whether you voted or who you voted for. Please do not be afraid to contact me if I can help.

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  1. Guardian Angel8 May 2013 at 11:26

    I have been watching and listening,those that are against you are plotting against your progression.
    I am with you now ,I will not see you wounded for standing up for the residents of Whittlesey.

    They will not get past me I have the power to crush them.
    I will strike fear and panic in their hearts for they are not perfect,