Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My Pledges for Whittlesey And Whittlesey North

These pledges are on my final leaflet going out at the moment, but the leaflet will probably not get everywhere, so I thought it made sense to publish it here too:

  • Even though there is a commitment to building a bridge over Kings Dyke, I will continue to focus on this as a priority for Whittlesey; I will not give up until someone cuts a ribbon to open the bridge.
  • I will never stop campaigning for a Whittlesey bypass.
  • I will continue to work to protect our Town Centre; in particular I promise that I will never support any flat, paid parking regime for the Town (I should stress that there are no current plans for this).
  • I will continue to seek innovative ways of communicating with residents. In particular I want to explore a few new ways of listening to your views and ideas, for example, on how we deal with some longstanding parking and speeding issues.
  • I will continue to make sure the views of Whittlesey residents on national issues are heard through the communication I have with our local MP and through lobbying Ministers and any other relevant bodies. The three biggest national issues raised with me last year were: benefit dependency, Europe and immigration.
  • I will always strive for Cambridgeshire County Council to deliver excellent services and have ambition for Whittlesey.
Have any other candidates for Whittlesey North published anything that comes close to this? You know what to do tomorrow.

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