Tuesday 27 August 2013

UKIP If you want to - we'll get on with the job.

We had organised a briefing session today involving myself, two officers (including a strategic director) to give an update to three Wisbech County Councillors  about progress on the Wisbech 2020 vision (these would be the UKIP Councillors that were elected last May).  Officer time went in to preparing for the meeting, which of course is about what is one of the most important projects that we are involved in - in fact I suspect Wisbech residents would say it is THE most important project we are involved in.

We had apologies from one of them shortly before the meeting and the other two simply did not turn up.  I find this really frustrating, it is discourteous to our officers and, even more importantly, it is discourteous to the residents they are pretending to represent.

Here is a question for Wisbech residents - is this what you are expecting from your Councillors?  I can say with some certainty that this would NOT have happened with their predecessors.

I have told officers to get on with what needs to be done.

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