Thursday 29 August 2013

Whittlesey Neighbourhood Police Forum

I received this by email from our PCSO team in Whittlesey this week:

"On Wednesday 11th September 2013 officers will be on the Market Place in Whittlesey from noon talking to the public to discuss our priorities for the next 6 months regarding concerns you have.

At 6pm we will be available in the council office on Grosvenor Rd, Whittlesey until 7pm and then from 7.30pm in the council meeting itself.

You can also raise your concerns before hand by either attending the Police Station in Whittlesey - open Monday Wednesday Friday 9am-5pm or at "



  1. The priorities will be set at the session before the Town Council meeting. As Councillors we spend huge amounts of time talking with the public and engaging with SYP, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Limiting a debate to SYP will limit the information we have, not enhance it.

    We have a system that works well in Whittlesey, not least because we have councillors that engage with the public very well.

    I will take away the issues about meeting dates etc.

  2. I have not suggested limiting any debate to ShapeYourPlace; all I've suggested is inviting comments and suggested priorities there, to provide a route for submitting them in public.

    Any official route, or even better multiple routes, for openly getting views and ideas to those making the decision on new police priorities is all I am suggesting.

    "The priorities will be set at the session before the Town Council meeting."

    That's told me, albeit unofficially, when the priorities will be set; but not who by or how.