Sunday 22 August 2010

Closure of North Bank Road Part 3

I have been doing some chasing about the North Bank.  Apparently, Peterborough City Council have changed their way of working to get around the Moorhen problem, which means that the planned re-opening of the North Bank remains January next year.   This is good for two reasons:

1.  We only have to suffer the misery of difficult travel into Peterborough until January

2.  It means there is time in this financial year to get the necessary repairs to the A605 completed.

CCC Highways Dept are going to do some of the repairs overnight shortly - but only on quieter stretches where residents won't be disturbed.    The rest will be done after the North Bank has reopened.

Thanks to Officers at CCC and Peterborough for working on this.  Still don't like the closure - but at least the impact has been minimised

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