Wednesday 4 August 2010

Closure of North Bank Road

I was disappointed to find out about the closure of the North Bank Road a little late.   As you may be aware this is a Peterborough City Council road and I have been advised that there was little or no notification about the closure, which is to repair the bridge at the bend at the end.  Certainly none of the Whittlesey Councillors were given any formal notification and, as a result, were not able to make the case about the impact that a 22 week closure will have and, in particular, the chaos that is going to happen when school starts again.

I have asked some questions about the lack of consultation, why Councillors weren't advised and also whether anything can be done to speed up the completion of the road works.


  1. It does not help when mr Jobsworth on the railway crossing closes the gates 3 mins before a single engine arrives - after a previous closure of 4 minutes - resulting in traffic backed up to the packaging / car lot building almost at the new roundabout. 3pm today...

  2. Richard Dewdney6 August 2010 at 09:17

    I note from tonights Evening Telegraph that this work has now been postponed because a bird is currently nesting under the bribge! The road will however still remain closed so it will now be closed longer than 22 weeks. I also believe that road re-surfacing is due on the A605 through Whittlesey this summmer. If the two coincide there will be traffic caos in and around Whittlesey!!
    Why is it going to take 22 weeks to replace a little bridge? It does not take that long to build a new one over a dual carriage way!
    Why do not all the authorities consult on these matter to ensure that traffic disruption is minimised.

  3. Richard,

    Problems from works on the two roads at the same time it is a great point. I am asking a few questions about this as we speak.