Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Lib Dems - Half Truths and Spin over the pupil premium

Over the last few months the Lib Dems have resorted to a great deal of spin and over promotion in order to promote their own position.  It is interesting that our local Lib Dems in North East Cambridgeshire have made no comment about tuition fees - the issue where many people feel let down because of their failure to stand up to an important pre-election commitment yet they are perfectly happy to over-promote their role in the pupil premium.  Here is the link to the website and their comments on the pupil premium.  I urge you to read it before moving on with this blog post.

Now, based on this, it would be quite legitimate to think that the pupil premium was solely a Lib Dem idea at the last election.  So here is a quote from page 53 of the Conservative Manifesto from last year's General Election:
"Education's real power lies in its ability to transform life chances, but we can't go on giving the poorest children the worst education.  That is why we will introduce a pupil premium - extra funding for children from disadvantaged backgrounds"
Now, I don't mind the Lib Dems taking a bit of credit for the pupil premium, but let's be honest and admit it was a key commitment of both parties in the coalition.  Not to make the plain is, in my opinion, a little deceitful.  But then that's the Lib Dems.

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