Sunday 16 January 2011

Waterlees Play Area - Latest Media Coverage

I was a bit surprised by media coverage about the Waterlees play area in Wisbech over the last few days.  It seemed to suggest that previous problems had recurred - something I wasn't aware of.  However, having watched yesterday's Look East coverage again I did some checking.  It seems that the issues commented on yesterday largely date back to October, indeed were some of the events that led up to the County Council putting extra measures in place and which had led to improvements (which was admitted by a number of people at the last open meeting).

There has, I believe, been an incident close by, but I am not aware that this has been specifically  linked to the play area itself and I believe police records show that they have had no recent calls.  I am waiting for a more formal update and will keep on asking questions, but I have concerns about why old news is being recycled.  One suggestion made to me is that the old stories are being continuously repeated in order to provide a foundation for an election campaign in May.  I hope not because that would be putting electoral ambitions ahead of improving the community.

The only way that we can make sure that we have the right information about the play area is for every single incident to be reported.  I would urge all residents to please make sure they call the police if there are things going on that shouldn't be that way we are up to date with what is happening and the police are able to make sure that area is appropriately resourced.

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