Saturday 12 March 2011

Lib Dems in Disguise (2)

Given the huge reaction to my comments on my previous blog (methinks they doth protest too much) I strongly suspect my non-attendance will be misrepresented on Monday's meeting.  So, to make it plain, I am not attending because I will not give credibility to a meeting that has misrepresented its intent - and IMHO it clearly has.

I have been doing some digging.   Hinchinbrooke School, along with the other Hunts partners, have put it's consultation letter on the website.  It is here.

The letter is certainly not biased and does make clear there are two views - it also welcomes people to make their views known.  So the comments against my previous blog seem strange:

the information issued by schools in the process of conversion highlight their posative reasons for conversion with little or no opportunity for other views to be heard. 
the schools that are persuing Academy status are not consulting in any meaningful way 
in this way way it should be very different from the so called 'consultations' organised at local schools considering the move to academy status.

The HSEP plans on academies are widely reported, and websites highlight the consultation letter which shows how to comment - pretty wide consultation really.


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