Tuesday 1 March 2011

Whittlesey Community Car Scheme

I was sent this email about the Whittlesey Community Car Scheme and was asked to promote it, which of course, I am delighted to do:

"In view of the ongoing Transport Strategy review for Cambridgeshire and the recent Transport Survey for Whittlesey, I wonder if you’re aware of the Whittlesey Community Car Scheme, set up by Care Network in December 2009 and supported by the County Council (Passenger Transport), Care Network Cambridgeshire and Whittlesey Charities? 

This is a flourishing volunteer scheme which helps local people from Whittlesey and the surrounding villages who don’t drive or who are unable to easily access public transport, to get to hospital/GP appointments or to make social journeys.  The majority of our passengers are elderly or disabled, and our drivers are all retired people who give freely of their time and use of their vehicles.  We currently have a bank of 5 volunteer drivers, most of whom are available every weekday.  The passengers pay 25 pence per mile to cover fuel and some wear and tear on the vehicle directly to the drivers, who can then claim an additional 15 pence per mile from the County Council.  The County also provides additional insurance cover.  

Since its inception, the scheme has had almost 800 requests for transport which places a huge demand on our drivers, so we’re always hoping for more volunteers to come forward.  As the locally based co-ordinator, I’ve placed articles about our service in the press and free publications as well as posters around the town hoping for more volunteers, but with limited response, I’m sorry to say.  Which is where I hope you’d be able to help!  Perhaps you could mention the scheme and our need for volunteer drivers in your newsletter/blog or at local council meetings?

If anyone would like to volunteer and give a few hours a week to a very worthwhile cause, or knows of anyone who is looking to give a little back to the community, they can contact me in the first instance on XXXXX or 07810 427483.

Very many thanks.


Anne Hogan
Whittlesey Community Car Scheme"

Apologies for deleting one of the phone numbers.  I was given permission to use both, but one is a personal number so I decided not to publish it.

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  1. So you have the same problem as we do, demand above supply we are not doing to bad but because most volunteers are retirees other things get in the way like other hobby interests, holidays, grand kids and sadly our own above average illness records. Problem is how do you express the difficulties of non car ownership etc to those fortunate enough to have car owning families that care for them. We have a number of elderly family less live alone's on our books who do not readily tell anybody about the their difficulties so it is nice to see another scheme shouting on their behalf for help. I have run across this blog because I was looking to publicize Community Transport needs I hope the blog has helped with recruitment.