Friday, 13 July 2012

£21m Investment in Whittlesey Washes

The decision was taken yesterday by the Environment Agency to invest £21m in Flood Defences for Whittlesey Washes.  The Cambs Times story about the investment is here

I want to make the point that I take absolutely no credit for this - I am just passing on some good Whittlesey news.  Our local MP Steve Barclay has fought hard for this deal, ably assisted I must say by my fellow County Councillor Ralph Butcher and also Fenland Councillor Alex Miscandlon - and they have had to be totally robust in making this case, the proposed deal was nothing like what has been achieved.

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  1. It is fantastic news, I was speaking to the EA yesterday about this as it's been going on for such a long time. However, I do hope some of the work is completed by local companies rather than the big national boys that normally work for the EA.
    Bill @ GCE