Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Supermarket Planning Meeting

I have just had it confirmed that the planning meeting to discuss the current Supermarket/Business Park applications will be held at the Manor Leisure Centre in Whittlesey at 2.30PM on Wed 29th August.


  1. Can it also be mentioned at the meeting That it seems the residents of whittlesey have only lost out so far. Within the supermarket development arguments the recreational requirement have been taken away and forgotten about.
    We lost our lovely field near dry bread road. This is where people walked their dogs, took their children to play, children gathered safely to mess about,, myself and my husband jogged in there and played frisbee and took my nephew there.
    This was taken away from the residents months ago and turned into farming land.it seems there are no plans to replace this within the next year! If the planning hadn't gone through why was this field taken from the community ? And when will the community have a new field? And can this be thought about with in the planning as it is not fair for the residents of Whittlesey to lose out even if it is only for a year or so

  2. Will there be any comment about the local field where the station road site is planned for?