Thursday, 12 July 2012

Tesco Leaflet - Whittlesey

There is a Tesco leaflet being distributed in Whittlesey at the moment.  I don't know how many people will receive it, so I was going to publish it when I got a chance - but it is probably just as easy top link to the Cambs Times article about it, which is here.

I would add the same qualifier as I have done when I linked to the Sainsbury report over transport access to Station Road, that this is one side of the argument.  In particular, there has been some dispute about the legality of removing planning permission on a site that is in a separate location to the current planning application.

I am still distributing a supermarket survey around Whittlesey North, I am getting about a 12% return rate which is perfectly acceptable.  I will summarise the findings so far over the next week or so.


  1. Could you attach a copy of the survey form on here, so those of us that don't get one can print it off?

  2. Thanks for asking for this. It allows me to clarify why I have taken this stance to use a leaflet drop in my own county division.

    I thought long and hard about the best way of doing a survey, and considered things like Survey Monkey, putting the survey on my blog, but actually realised that the most important thing was to do what I have to do as a Councillor in representing my own Division, but also make sure that I used a method that would ensure that the results had some integrity. For the latter, it is clear to me that a delivery is the best option - all too often I have seen people manipulate on-line surveys before, through deleting cookies and re-submitting or through getting people that are not related to the issue to respond. The best way of minimising that risk was to do a leaflet drop, and keep a close eye on the responses, which is what I am doing. But I also have to accept that I have no mandate to carry out a survey beyond where I am elected - which is to Kingsmoor Ward as a District Councillor and Whittlesey North as a County Councillor. My survey will go through about 3,800 doors in Whittlesey and hopefully delivery will be completed next week. That way I know I have given a huge proportion of hte population an opportunity to have their say, and will have enough of a response to make sure that i can use its contents with some weight and that it has retained enough integrity to say I am confident of the outcome. I know there are people that will not get a leaflet who would like one, but I am sure those very same people would also want me to use a process that ensures the results are meaningful. On balance I think I have got that right.

    I accept you may not like what I have said here, but I hope, at least, you can see my reasoning.

  3. we would very much like to see your views on the 150. new jobs that will be coming to whittlesey when and if the station road site is released from the Tesco option , thirty plus new jobs will be here in november this year when shanks & McEwann open their new depot on station road to complement the 112, new job brought to Whittlesey during the last twelve months by A&C industrial Properties on the old tile factory site on the Coats road ,
    The point is super markets are not the only game in towm something a prominent councillor should be fully aware of but sadly you do not seem

  4. When Mr Curtis will you be commenting on the new job creation on station road which is in the process of delivering over 200 new jobs for Whittlesey. on Station Rd. and Eastrea at the old tile factory site, Coats road . Supermarkets are not the only game in town. jobs are needed first to pay bills. Shanks &McEwann will be bringing 34 new jobs to Whittlesey on Dec 1st this year . I think you need to look at the bigger picture for all the Whittlesey residents benefit, you focus is too narrow , and does not help the b igger picture as when the Station road sit is released from the Tesco option more jobs will be the result.

  5. Thanks for this. You make a very important point. At the moment supermarkets are a very important topic in the Town, so I make no apology for focusing on it. But, part of the survey I am currently delivering in Whittlesey North is to ask what people's biggest Whittlesey issue is. I hope the result of that will provide focus for local Councillors. Jobs is coming back quite high on the list.