Tuesday 18 September 2012

Visit to Cemetery

As a result of a number of complaints, I met one of the officers from Fenland District Council at the cemetery today to show him a few things and to chat the issues over.

I am a bit happier that the grass is short and many of the overgrown trees and bushes are being cut back - in fact the contractors were there today doing some of this.  We also looked at some of the older gravestones that seem to have new chips and damage to the and Fenland have agreed to bring these to the attention of the contractor because people have been telling me that these have been caused by being knocked by the mower.

What I am really pleased about is that some excellent restoration work has been done to Sir Harry Smith's grave and it now looks like the grave of someone that deserves to be remembered.   Fenland are also considering putting some information boards at the entrance to the cemetery to let people know exactly who Sir Harry Smith was.

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