Sunday 9 September 2012

Whittlesey Festival

What a great day today was.  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I felt Whittesey did itself proud.
It was so good to see our Town Centre so vibrant.  It proves a lesson I learned during the supermarket debate, that Whittlesey people care about our Town Centre.

I want to put in a word of thanks to Penelope Walkinshaw, the High Sheriff of Cambridgeshire, for taking her time to open the festival today.  All too often when dignitaries come to open events like this, it is a fleeting visit.  That was absolutely not the case today, The High Sheriff spent a good few hours walking around the festival, speaking to people and showing a genuine interest in the Town.  It was a pleasure to accompany her.

Whittlesey Town Centre has an interesting future ahead. We need to make sure it thrives if and when our new supermarket is built.  I am sure there are lessons we can learn from today about how we bring people into the Town and that is something I m going to reflect on with others.  I wonder if there are was of having smaller events more often - events that have something unique about them, that will make people want to visit the Town.

But, for now, I will just reflect on a lovely day and express my thanks to the festival organisers and to everyone that participated in some way.

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