Thursday 1 July 2010

Behaviour of MPs

MPs are currently up in arms about IPSA, their new expenses watchdog, which they see as inefficient and bureaucratic.

Actually it seems one of the legacy's of the new labour regime is to leave MPs with the sort of bureaucratic rubbish that they forced on the rest of the country.  The fact that it is a taste of their own medicine leaves me with little sympathy.  Especially when you consider that it uses a similar system that I understand was forced on the Military and on other areas of the public sector.

It therefore astonishes me to read in the Telegraph that MPs were heard to heckle and even swear at representatives from IPSA at a select committee meeting.  MPs would be disgusted if someone swore at them at a public meeting and as the rules stand at the moment, Councillors would be in front of the Standards Board before they could say boo if they did it.  If MPs want to be respected, maybe they should start by behaving respectfully.

If what the Telegraph reports is correct, then MPs are out of order.  If the Telegraph have names then they should be made public.

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