Friday 2 July 2010

Steve Tierney on Wind Turbines

I just want to endorse this post by my fellow County Councillor Steve Tierney about Wind Turbines.

From a resident's perspective planning is frustrating, but there are many of us who feel that Fenland has more than done its bit as far as Wind Turbines go and it is important people make their voices heard.

There is potentially a big issue coming up here though.   Unlike with previous wind farm applications, Fenland now has quite a robust policy in place which provides a basis to resist where previously it was difficult.    The question is, if the planning inspectorate overturn a local decision to refuse, what next?   There would be the potential to challenge the decision in the High Court.


  1. I have been campaigning against three very tall windturbines applied for on Eel Drain, the land south of Turves, off West Fen Road. The site, proosed at least three times, can be seen on Google Earth -it is medieval and central to the historical archaeology of Whittlesey

  2. If you want to chat this over, drop me a line:

  3. Glad to offer support if anybody needs any to oppose wind farms anywhere in Cambridgeshire. We have *enough* - and they are a red herring anyway.