Friday 23 July 2010

I have seen the future and it is 'Spoons shaped

I got up early today and went to the open of our new Wetherspoons after sampling a pint of Old Hooky at the preview night last night.

I have to say I approve wholeheartedly.  Everybody will have seen the outside and how good it looks - and most importantly that the frontage retains every inch of its historic look.   Inside is fantastic.  Especially the skylight above the bar area, but also in the way the place has been opened out but used smart use of petitions to create separate areas.  

For the beer lovers one important point is that the cellar is right behind the bar, which means the real ale doesn't have far to travel.

Something like £1.8m has been spent buying and redeveloping the George.  It is difficult to see any company other than Wetherspoons spending that sort of money to rejuvenate the place and it guarantees that it will stay open and we won't have to suffer the delapidated Town Centre building that we did before.

I may be forced to have another visit later on today!!

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