Saturday 10 July 2010

Whetherspoons in Whittlesey

I had a stroll round Town for a few drinks last night.  It was interesting chatting to a couple of the landlords around Town about the new Whetherspoons that opens next week.  I was expecting some concern, but actually the response was that they are looking forward to the opening and believe that it will encourage people to spend their weekend evenings in Whittlesey rather than Peterborough and, as a result, increase trade around the Town.  I hope so, because I am a big fan of JD Whetherspoons as a pub chain.  Everything they do is about value.  I also have an optimistic view of the benefit it will offer the Town and, of course, it has the added bonus of  sorting The George out.

Anyway, there has been a Facebook page created which confirms that the opening is next Friday 23rd July at 7am.   I will probably be there, strictly in the line of duty of course!!

A link to the Facebook page is here.

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