Friday, 16 July 2010

Larkfleet Homes Application on Bassenhally Farm rejected.

I am delighted that Fenland Officers have refused the application for 460 homes on Bassenhally Farm in Whittlesey,  I am not surprised it has been refused, but I am delighted.  This was never an application that was suited to Whittlesey or that helped it move forwards, in fact one of the issues was that the Developer didn't properly engage over the site.

Of course the developer has the right to appeal - but I cannot see an appeal succeeding because the policy position that supports the refusal is pretty strong.  My advice to Larkfleet is to take stock and do what I suggested from the start, which is to feed their desires for this site into the forthcoming master planning process for Whittlesey.  That way we can ensure that any development fits in to the bigger picture and we will be able to use the Community Infrastructure Levy to ensure a development on this site works with Whittlesey instead of against it.

A link to the decision notice is here:

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