Tuesday 5 April 2011

Is there an election going on..

Is there an election going on?

I ask that question because I can't think of any reason why the Lib Dems would want to create a story out of nothing?

This is the story.

There is no suggestion, nor has there ever been that the Government's music grant will be used on anything other than music.  What we are looking at is how we can use that grant to make sure every child in Cambridgeshire benefits given that not all schools use Cambridgeshire Music's services.  This is not a cause it's an election stunt.

Oh - and there's another one.  Last week we put out this press release - bear in mind this is for funding for the whole County.   Yesterday Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge City put out a press release claiming credit for Cambridge City's share.  I refuse to link to the press release out of principle.

Lib Dems will do anything for a vote - remember that on May 5th.

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  1. "Lib Dems will do anything for a vote"

    Will they come and help me with a large and difficult painting project? : )